How to make raffle tickets

How to make or print raffle tickets

There are basically three types of raffle tickets you can use in your fundraising event.

Cloakroom tickets

These are rolls or books of small tickets, in pairs, each pair having a different number. You give one to the ticket buyer and keep the other to use in your lucky draw. This saves you making your own tickets, but they don't look as professional. You can buy these from a stationary store like Staples or Amazon:

Make tickets at home

Here are some step-by-step instructions for making raffle tickets at home. You can use Word or Publisher, or an online tool like Raffle Ticket Creator:

Custom printed tickets

Any print shop will make you some custom-printed tickets. In the US, allow around $50 for 1,000 tickets and allow a few days turnaround. Below are some online print services who make custom raffle tickets:

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